I love the phrase:

“Blacks Without Borders”

because it so beautifully describes my consciousness as an entrepreneur. But I think I prefer the term:

“Minds Without Borders”

We’ll explore that concept in a later blog post.

I believe that a surge of entrepreneurs around the world can change the economic and moral climate. Entrepreneurship is the only path to wealth and independence for many marginalized people around the world. And based on the mindset of the media, is there anyone in the world today that is not considered marginalized? Entrepreneurs can offer goods and services to their community and abroad.

I traveled to Johannesburg South Africa last week at the invitation of Beth Malatji and her team at Wealth Ladder Magazine.  This visit was an important step in the due diligence process I have begun for my team here in the States.  We are looking to expand our global footprint to South Africa, so the invitation was a great opportunity for me to go and get a feel for the business and social climate that we’ve all heard so much about.

Since College, all I’ve ever heard about South Africa was apartheid, apartheid, apartheid.  Most of the images we have of South Africa are dated images of townships filled with crime, poverty and stagnation.  The developed, vibrant and industrialized areas of South Africa such as Cape Town and Johannesburg are rarely captured and shared in the media. We tend to forget that Africa is a rich continent (not a country) that is very diverse.  So South Africa is very different from Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco, for example.  To think of Africa as undeveloped and monolithic is not only “old school” but very narrow minded to say the least.

The residue of colonialism is very evident.  As African Americans we always tend to wonder if our struggle for racial equality is mirrored anywhere else in the world. And yes, you see it.  It’s evident.  But what was most obvious to me is the tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs.  I met many smart, bright entrepreneurs who are anxious to connect globally and whose businesses I hope to highlight on the blog in the future. I saw opportunities for entrepreneurs here in the United States to create global partnerships. The opportunities expand all industries from construction to entertainment.

Remove the borders from your mind, and expand your global footprint.  Check out this blog regularly as I begin to feature entrepreneurs from around the world. You can connect with them, do business with them, spread the word or buy their goods and services.

Everyone is not going to attract an investor or have a pile of money fall out of the sky.  Most of you won’t go to your mailbox and find a mysterious check.  If you want to grow your business you have to get creative, build connections, partnerships and network. Your successful business is not going to fall out of the sky.