I started to study emotional intelligence in 1998. I took 2 Certification Courses and went back for recertification in 2007. This is one of the most valuable tools in my professional Arsenal. We should all study and understand that our ability to understand how our thoughts and emotions affect our decisions and our behaviour.

Most of us want more out of life, but we can’t get it because our emotional states prevent us from having what we want. We are often so overtaken by fear, for example, that we don’t plan for what we want. We sit back and hope it falls out of the sky. Emotional intelligence will help you to put in the mental labor and manage your emotional hygiene that allows you to move past your blind spots and emotionally plan for what you want.

Lastly, being emotionally intelligent does not mean that you don’t have emotions or that you ignore your emotions. It’s about awareness, empathy, control, management as well as knowing when to change your emotional state and understanding what emotional states are most productive and conducive to your decision making process.

Below is a link where the great Oprah Winfrey interviews Daniel Goleman who is known as the father of the Emotional and Social Intelligence concepts.

Enjoy and remember you have to put in the mental labor to become the person who is worthy of what you want. A little tweak goes a long way.